US Paratrooper WWII Gear (for Poser)

This is the standard WWII equipment for use by the US Airborne Units for Poser figures.

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Product Specifications
Downloadable File Size: 10.35 MB (approx.)
Polygon Count: N/A
System Requirements: Windows/Mac, Poser 5 and above
File Format: Poser
   This product contains: cr2, pp2, pz2, and/or other Poser files.
Texturing: Texture Maps
   This product uses image maps for textures.

Product Description
This is the standard WWII equipment for use by the US Airborne Units. The items contained in this package are designed to fit only the US Paratrooper_VPM1 (or the Vincent Parker figure). You will need to install the US Paratrooper product before using the MAT poses found in this product.

Product Features

This package contains the following:

15 Props:

1) "Beanie" knit cap (with morph)
2) Combat Pack (with straps morph)
3) ETool (with folding/unfolding morph)
4) Etool Canvas Sheath
5) First Aid Pack
6) Thompson 3Pouch (left side)
7) Thompson 3Pouch (right side)
8) Water Canteen (with opening morph)
9) Water Canteen (parented to VPM1`s hand)
10) M3 Trench Knife (parented to M3 scabbard)
11) M3 Trench Knife (parented to VPM1`s hand)
12) M3 Scabbard (M6)
13) Cigarette (parented to VPM1`s lips)
14) Cigarette (parented to VPM1`s hand)
15) WWII US Cigarette Pack (parented to VPM1`s hand)

All of the above items are parented to either VPM1 figure or to gear used by the US Paratrooper. Promo picture 2 shows the position of the gear with the M1 pouches. Adjustments should be made in some cases --like the First Aid pack, knife and water canteen when used with the Thomson pouches (you don`t need to parent them again). The web belt, provided with the Paratrooper figure, is a necessary piece of equipment as most of the new gear is parented to it. Morphs are designed to work better with a value of 1.0.

4 Hand Poses:
For use with cigarette, cigarette pack, knife and water canteen.

30 MAT Poses:
To change easily the colours of gear, the type of cigarette and the brands of cigarette packs. MAT poses are included for the M1 pouches and web belt, not included in the present package as they are part of the US Paratrooper_VPM1.

1 Face pose:
For use with the cigarette.

32 detailed textures.

No characters or uniforms are provided with this pack - just the items listed above.
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