SDKFZ 222 (for Poser)

A fully rigged and textured model of the Sdkfz 222 light 4WD German armored car, intended for reconnaissance and service at headquarters.

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Product Specifications
By Gunpoint3D
Downloadable File Size: 2.35 MB (approx.)
Polygon Count: 34816 (approx.)
System Requirements: Windows/Mac, Poser 4 and above
File Format: Poser
   This product contains: cr2, pp2, pz2, and/or other Poser files.
Texturing: Texture Maps
   This product uses image maps for textures.

Product Description
Sdkfz 222 light 4WD German armored car was intended for reconnaissance and service at headquarters.

A fully rigged and textured model of the German reconnaissance vehicle. This version is the standard version armed with a 20mm cannon and an MG34 machine gun. There were seven different versions, some had modifications allowing the cannon to elevate higher to be used for anti-aircraft purposes, and other versions were modified to be mobile radio command centres for armoured units. The wire meshes over the turret were added to prevent hand-grenades being thrown into the vehicle. About 2 800 were produced from 1936 - 1945.

Crew: 3. Length: 4.8 m, width: 1.95 m, height: 1.987 m. Maximum speed: 80km/h, operating speed: 40 km/h. Wheel radius: 1.382m.

Product Features

- one dial that controls the simultaneous rotation of all four wheels
- one dial to turn the front wheels left and right
- controls for the turret, gun, wire meshes
- the props on the figure, like the spade, jack, etc. have individual controls allowing you to remove them from the vehicle.

Includes three texture variations, as well as a camouflage net with various textures.

The model has been untriangulated from the original mesh and has a lower polygon count, and has been UV Mapped and textured.

The original model by Oleg Pomoshnikov is available from in 3D Max, Lightwave and Cinema4D versions.
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